Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Southbank Brisbane Qld Australia

My birthday was yesterday, and I had the girls for the best part of the day.  I was excited.  We caught the bus to Southbank, and had lunch at the Decks Express, then wandered around and took in the sights.  We gravitated to Streets Beach of course.:-))  The girls swam, and I sketched awhiles..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Urban Sketching. Matisse Drawing Life Exhibition. (Brisbane Australia)

My Granddaughter and I went to The Gallery of Modern Art today, to see the Matisse Exhibit.  We were delighted to find, they had set up a "Drawing Room"  We sat awhile and sketched.  I sketched Auguste Rodin's Bust "Torse de Jeune Femme", and a sketch of my granddaughter drawing..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I went to the Qld Art Gallery today and did a sketch of part of my favourite painting at the gallery. It is called Monday Morning.

The Former Taylor-Heaslop Building

This is the Former Taylor-Heaslop Building, erected in 1889-90, is important as surviving evidence of the Woolloongabba Fiveways, one of Brisbane's principal shopping centres in the latter part of the 19th century, and for demonstrating the impact of the economic boom of the 1880's in metropolitan Brisbane.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sketching at Cannon Hill Shopping Complex October 2011

Mango Micks Fruit Stall

Mother and daughters taking a break.  The girls had just come to chat with me, telling me how good I was at drawing, and telling me their father is an artist, and their uncle in South Africa is a famous artist :-))  They were delightful!

Practice.  He kept bobbing up and down, so I gave up :-D

Red Rooster takeaway

Watermelon stall at Mango Micks.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bulimba Ferry Terminal Brisbane

The Bulimba ferry terminal was built in 1922 for the Balmoral Shire Council, then responsible for the efficient servicing of several ferry routes across the Brisbane River. Since the days of the convict settlement at Moreton Bay when a punt was poled between the main settlement and the south bank of the river, ferries have been a vital transport facility for Brisbane. The river twists and loops through the city and cross-river access is important in linking city and suburbs and greatly reducing travel time between them. Although the first bridge linked the city and South Brisbane in 1862, no other bridges were built for many years, public transport was limited and few people had private transport until after World War Two. People who needed to commute to work and to access shopping and entertainment facilities used cross-river ferries on a daily basis. Ferries were the only major transport service provided by metropolitan local authorities as responsibility for care and management had been placed in their hands by an 1858 Act.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toronto Islands - Toronto - Canada

I went to Toronto Islands with my friends.  I found this amazing 200 year old lighthouse to sketch..  Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.
Built in 1808, this is the oldest stone building in Toronto and the oldest surviving lighthouse on the Great Lakes. From its site on Gibraltar Point, it has watched most of Toronto’s history unfold. A lightkeeper was resident until 1958, when the lighthouse was decommissioned.
I would have finished my sketch, if I hadn't been attacked by hundreds of red ants..:-))

A quick sketch at Carousel Cafe while I was waiting for my lunch.

Monday, July 25, 2011

York Soaring Gliding Club - Wellington County - Ontario Canada

I spent the day at the gliding club with my friends.  I managed to sketch a little and I also went for an amazing flight, with the man who brought Freedom Wings into Canada, Charles Peterson.  What an amazing man, he is a qualified gliding instructor many items over, an aerobatic instructor, a qualified sailor, and lord knows what else.  I spent the most delightful hour with him up in the clouds.  He even did "wing overs" for me.  What a hoot.  If I ever get to go flying with him again, I am going to tell him, he need not worry about doing mild acrobatics, I am all in!!!!!

York Soaring Gliding Club

ASK21 Glider

Saturday, July 9, 2011

GILLIES LAKE. Northern Ontario - CANADA

Is a 20-hectare lake in the heart of the City of Timmins. It is a five minute walk from my friends house, so we can go for a walk at will.  I have been around twice now, the first time with my camera, this time with my sketch book.
 Gillies Lake Promenade was developed by the Conservation Authority as part of its lake rejuvenation project in 1986.  Since that time, the 2.5 km trail has become the focus for the entire community trail netwrk with direct linkages to the Scout Rock, Golden Springs, and Lion's Walk Trails. Future plans call for connections through the downtown to the Waterfront Trail.

I am going to check out Scout Rock next time...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

HERON in watercolour..

This is a painting I have done this last week.  I started it at an Artist Meet in Jackson's Point, Keswick, Ontario, and finished it at my friends Art Club today in Timmins Ontario.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Westfield Heritage Village - Rockton - Ontario Canada

D. Glenn Kilmer and Golden (Goldie) L. MacDonell, two Brantford high school teachers, purchased 30 acres in October, 1960 at the site which later became Westfield heritage Village. They envisioned a unique project which would develop a pioneer village as a non-profit educational institution to preserve and present the 19th century rural life in Upper Canada. Their vision became a reality when Westfield was officially opened to the public on June 15, 1964.
I have a friend, Lynn who is a volunteer at Westfield.  She works in the Print Shop.  Without the volunteers, Westfield would not survive.  It is an amazing place, and I went with Lynn several times.

Webster's Falls Dundas Ontario Canada

Webster's Falls is a curtain waterfall 22 metres in height. Located at the Spencer Gorge / Webster's Falls Conservation area in Greensville, its source is Spencer Creek. It is one of two falls within the Spencer Gorge, and with a crest of 24 metres, it is the largest in the region. It is also probably the most popular and widely known fall in Hamilton, and has the biggest park associated with a waterfall. According to Joe Hollick, Webster's Falls has the highest number of vintage postcards bearing its image, suggesting that it was also the most frequently visited waterfall a century ago as well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Buildings on King Street West - Dundas Hamilton Ontario Canada

This used to be the Glen Campbell Dairy. The building is no longer a dairy but the old figure head remains to remind us of a day gone by.  It is a lovely old building.

Winchester Arms Pub.  It is a true British Pub, sporting British fare.  I can't at present find any history about the building

Crooks Hollow Dundas Ontario CANADA

Crooks’ Hollow is located on Spencer Creek, near the community of Greensville.  My friend and I went to paint there Tuesday.    It lovely down by the river, so peaceful.  

There is a century old dam there, which is about to be removed, so sad really.. The dam is situated downstream from a series of historic dams that were built in the late 18th century to provide water power to a number of grist mills, sawmills and paper mills. The Crooks’ Hollow Dam was constructed in 1913 for the purpose of supplying water to the community of Dundas, a function that ceased when a municipal water supply was established for Dundas. Between 1959 and 2001, the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club used the reservoir as a source of water for irrigation. The reservoir and surrounding lands are currently used for recreation including hiking, fishing and limited boating. In 2000, the ownership of the Crooks’ Hollow Dam along with 9.9 hectares of land was transferred to the HCA.  Over the years, several dam condition assessments have identified concerns relating to the integrity and stability of the dam. These studies, along with a Dam Stability and Assessment Study conducted in 2005, further confirmed the need to restore, modify or remove the dam to ensure its safety during major storm events. The decision is very controversial.  I personally think restoration should go ahead.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soccer at Ancaster High School Ontario Canada June 2011

Ancaster’s history stretches back over 200 years. The town was given its name in 1793 by Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe after it had been surveyed as part of a plan to create roads for military reasons. By 1823, due in large part to its easily accessible water power located nearby already existing historical trading routes, Ancaster had become Upper Canada's largest industrial and commercial center. At that time it also had the largest population in Upper Canada with 1,681 townspeople surpassing both Toronto's 1,376 and Hamilton's 1,000 residents.

The soccer game is part of the Heritage Days Celebrations..  My friends grandson was playing in the over 15's, so we went along to watch and support him.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mt Nemo conservation area, Halton; Ontario CANADA

Mt Nemo conservation area has one of the best cliff ecosystems on Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment. Rich green ferns blanket limestone boulders scattered among old growth forests that are alive with jewel like birds. Crevice caves and ancient cedars, a thousand years old, can be seen all along the meandering cliff edge trail.
An interpretive lookout with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside lets visitors know why this natural environment park is worth protecting. Parking and connections to the Bruce Trail are available at this intriguing conservation area.

While I was sitting here sketching, a Turkey Vulture came and sat on the rock I was sketching.  It was so neat, and he stayed there for a good 2 minutes.  I bent down to pick up my camera to take his photo, but his mate came by, flapped her wings and they flew off..

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sears Hair studio at Limeridge Mall Hamilton Ontario Canada

I went to get my hair done today, and sat watching fascinated as a sweet old man had his hair permed.  really tight perm too.  His wife was waiting patiently for her turn as well..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sketching at "The Royal City Bowmen" Guelph, Ontario, CANADA

"The Royal City Bowmen" archery club is located near Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It is a 44-acre forest which is rented from the Grand River Conservation Authority and is on the east side of Guelph Lake, located just northeast of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. My friend Lynn, took me with her, to her plein aire painting class. It was a fantastic afternoon, and I did this sketch.

Westfiled Historical Village

In 1960 two Brantford high school teachers purchased 30 acres of land in the Hamilton region to store a THB (Toronto, Hamilton, Buffalo Railway) Class "G" Consolidated locomotive.

This was the birth of the Westfiled Historical Village. There are now 35 period buildings on the site, ranging from the 1700's and 1800's, and it is open to the public Sundays and holidays. It really is worth the visit. The Historic interpretors wear historical costume. There are also first person interpretors who speak in period language. It adds authenticity to the village.

While I was there last Monday 23rd May, I had the pleasure of listening to the "Mercoledi Strings" Orchestra. It was an hour well spent, the music was heavenly, and I managed to draw this quick sketch.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Montebello Park St Catharines Ont. Canada

Montebello Park is the main recreational park for Downtown St Catharines.  It was designed in 1887, by Frederick Law Olmstead, the founding father of landscape architecture in the United States, and one of the designers of Central Park in New York City.

This man was busking in front of the Coffee Culture restaurant, on St Pauls street, where I stopped and had my lunch.  He had disappeared straight after I drew him, so I didn't get a chance to give him some money..  Pity.

Friday, May 20, 2011

St Catharines Ontario Canada 19th May 2011

St Catharines Town Hall and Market House was built in 1848-49. The builder was William Barren and the architect was Kivas Tully. It is made of Thorold stone.

It is a magnificent building with Roman Arch windows, heavily molded eaves, and gorgeous corbels.

It was originally used by the Board of Police and Town Hall, and Farmers Markets in the east wing. This wing was a later addition, built by Samuel Dolson, in 1863.

The upper floor boasted 22 foot ceilings, and was originally the council chamber and meeting hall.

I did not go inside as court was in session. I would have loved to though. Maybe next time.

The clock tower is a working three faced clock. It has an 8 foot long pendulum, with a 50lb bob. The dome is octagonal.
Man eating lunch in the Court House gardens.

Lisa's Cafe is in the St Catharines Public Library.  I stopped for a wonderful blueberry/cranberry bran muffin and a hot chocolate.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Trip to Canada May to August 2011

Brisbane Airport

In flight on Korean Airlines

Lady in Traditional Korean Dress at Seoul Airport.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sketching for Japan. (Sketchcrawls 31st world wide Sketch Crawl Southbank Brisbane Australia) 16/04/2011

Today was/is Sketchcrawls 31st Worldwide Sketchcrawl.  A friend and I went to Southbank, Brisbane, Australia.  Southbank was under water in January, from the Brisbane floods.  Pretty much everything was damaged, all of the heritage buildings are gone forever, except one.  The Ship Inn.  I did try to sketch it, but I am still architecturally challenged.  I will keep practicing.  I did these sketches though, and really enjoyed doing them.

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