Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toronto Islands - Toronto - Canada

I went to Toronto Islands with my friends.  I found this amazing 200 year old lighthouse to sketch..  Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.
Built in 1808, this is the oldest stone building in Toronto and the oldest surviving lighthouse on the Great Lakes. From its site on Gibraltar Point, it has watched most of Toronto’s history unfold. A lightkeeper was resident until 1958, when the lighthouse was decommissioned.
I would have finished my sketch, if I hadn't been attacked by hundreds of red ants..:-))

A quick sketch at Carousel Cafe while I was waiting for my lunch.


  1. Nice sketches JJ! It's must have drove you nuts doing all those bricks, though!!!;)

  2. Thanks Ree, and not at all, I was enjoying it. You know I am a counter lol..

  3. Yes, all that brick work creates a pleasant variety of textures!

  4. Thank you Steve. I do enjoy sketching on location, and buildings in particular. :-)


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