Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sketching with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers in Cathedral Square - Anne Street

It was 32 degrees Celsius in the city today, but the Brisbane Urban Sketchers braved the heat and went sketching.  Seven of us descended on St John's Cathedral and Cathedral Square.

First sketch was of a. Sculpture El Emigrante by World Lebanese Cultural Union (2010)
The inscription reads..... "Le Imigrante - a statue, erected in memory of the Lebanese settlers, who 140 years ago established a presence in Australia."

I was sketching this amazing tree, from Cathedral Square, when around 500 people people descended on the park, milling around and standing between me and the tree. It turned out there was a fire drill and that was their meeting point. So I gave up.


  1. I like the unfinished sketch. I am intrigued by the leaves in mid-air. Like this effect.


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