Saturday, May 23, 2015

More sketches for May

The Story Bridge is rare, as it is the largest steel bridge designed, fabricated and constructed in Australia by Australians. It is a cantilever bridge built between 1935 and 1940, and is significant as a major example of Queensland Labour Government involvement in employment-generating schemes during the 1930s depression..

I was using my fountain pen here, and I thought the ink was well and truly dry when I erased my pencil lines on the right. I was wrong.
Kangaroo Cliffs in the background, they are a significant landmark for Brisbane too.

One of the cafes on Eagle Street Pier. I love the bright umbrellas. Have sketched them quickly a couple of times, but this time I sat awhile longer. You can see the Story Bridge in the back.. That drew me into sketching this scene as well, a drawing within a drawing.
This one was sketched at Captain Burke Park, under the Story Bridge.  I tried something different for me, putting three subjects (Customs House, Story Bridge, and a modern high rise building)that were not close together, together.  A sort of collage. 
Customs houses were built in all major Australian ports in the nineteenth century. Customs and excise duties were an important source of revenue, levied on goods from overseas and in some cases from other colonies.
 The original Custom House was built in 1849 at a bend in the Brisbane River known as Petrie's Bight. It was demolished in 1886 at the commencement of construction of the new Custom House, which was completed in 1889. This building was used for Customs operations in Brisbane for the next 100 years. Originally referred to as 'Custom House', it has been referred to as 'Customs House' since Federation in 1901.  It is now owned by the University of Queensland

The Peoples Palace, a heritage listed building, was once a temperance hotel owned by the Salvation Army.  It is now a Backpackers Hostel.  It is situated on Edward Street, and this view was from King Edward Park entrance.
It was built in 1910–1911 to provide affordable accommodation for working class travelling people.
Thank you for looking.

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