Monday, June 15, 2015


Brisbane Urban Sketchers Tuesday Sketchout today.  It was a little damp, so we all hunkered down in the Riverside Coffee Club.  It was a good morning, there were 14 of us all up.

First sketch, waiting for everyone to arrive.  I used my Holcroft A4 225 gsm sketchbook, and Uni Pin .08 - .03 pens

I got out my bamboo dip pen and Speedball super black indian ink for this sketch of the sketchers sketching.  same sketchbook.

This last sketch, was an experiment.  I used my bamboo dip pen and the Speedball super black indian ink on oil paper.  I had a full sheet and I tore it in 8 pieces and had it bound.  It was a lot of fun making this sketch, and I will keep this book in my sketch bag now :)  It is also A4
Thank you for looking.. Cheers..


  1. Really like your sketches from the day with your Urban Sketchers...the last sketch worked well...did you have to wait long for the ink to dry - just wondered.

    1. yes, Ann, it did take longer today for the ink to dry, as it was a wet foggy day. Still it was dry within 20 minutes max. Thank you for your lovely comments..


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