Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Saturday and Tuesdays sketches with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers..

It has been a great couple of sketchouts, with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers.  The first was to beautiful Moorlands House, on the grounds of the Wesley Hospital in Auchenflower, the second was to Anne Street Brisbane to sketch "The Drover" a Human factor sculpture by John Underwood for Expo '88

 The gates of Moorland House
Perched on a hill overlooking Coronation Drive and the river, Moorlands is possibly Brisbane’s most notorious and intriguing historical residence. Designed by architect Richard Gailey in 1892 at the behest of the infamous Mayne family to replace the earlier family home Moorlands Villa that originally stood on the spot, the foundation stone was laid by the widow of butcher Patrick Mayne and underneath it is understood to be a kind of time capsule containing the newspapers of the day and the reason for the house’s construction.  It sure would make great reading.

 Outside the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries building on the pavement is a wonderful sculpture by John Underwood called "The Dovers" It was one of 100 Human factor series created for Expo '88
 It was so cold sitting here, with the wind blowing through like a wind tunnel.  We were shivering, our hands were numb, as was my seat.

Last sketch was at the Anne Street Presbyterian Church.


  1. Oh boy! what lovely places to visit and sketch - love your sketches.

    1. Thank you Ann, you are so kind. I am never happy with the marks i make, but I do keep trying..


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