Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sketching the new Government Building-in progress....

....with the Brisbane USkers

I have wanted to sketch this building for ages  Thought I had better hurry up before they finish it.  It is affectionately known as the Tower of Power.  It is the new government building.  The building on the left of my sketch is Parliament House.

After I had finished sketching, I was heading back to the ferry terminal, when I noticed that the gates to parliament were open.  So I went in.  Parliament is sitting.  I go to go up to the Gallery and watch the session for awhile.  I had asked if I was allowed to sketch up there and was told yes.  I was 15 minutes into my sketch, when security came and told me they had made a mistake and no, I couldn't sketch.  I memorised what i was looking at, and will finish it this week.

This building is affectionately known as the Tower of Power. 
Fabriano sketchbook 9.5 x 6 inches lamy fountain pen and watercolours

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