Sunday, March 20, 2011

AUSTRALIAN OPOSSUM (Brushtail Opossum)

I have a visitor every night, as beautiful Opossum.  She has a baby in her pouch, which she allows out sometimes to hang onto her back.  She comes to eat her supper on my patio.  She loves seeds and apple.  Opossum's are nocturnal marsupials.  They sleep during the day, in hollow logs, or in suburbia under houses and when they can get in, roof cavities.  They are so sweet, and very timid.  They will bite and scratch if provoked, but in general they will run away, or roll over and "play dead".

This little lady was very patient.  She sat at the feeding dish eating away, while I sketched her.  Once in a while she would look at me long enough for me to get a face on sketch too.  I need to practice on that, though.

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