Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The Story Bridge was opened in 1939.  It was named after John Douglas Story, because he was the main advocator for the bridge to be built.  The bridge is an icon, and tourist attraction.  
In 2005, Bridge Walks started, and they are very popular with the tourists.  I have heard it is a fantastic view all over the city from the top of the bridge.  I am going to do the walk when the weather gets cooler.

I caught the Brisbane CityCat river ferry into Riverside place, at 4.00pm.  It was a very hot day here today, temps up around 34 degree Celsius.  By late afternoon the air was bearable, just.  

I sat at the Boardwalk bar and bistro, with a cup of coffee, and sketched.  I was there, until 6.30pm.  I had the pleasure of seeing the workers hurrying to the ferry for their journey home, and the stragglers claiming tables with a cold drink and discussing their work day at leisure. I sat there amongst the chatter and clinking of glasses, and watched the bridge for some time.  

 I tuned it all out, and started to sketch.  The time flew by.  By the time I had finished it was dusk, the lights were glittering in the skyscrapers, the sun was sinking, the Flying Foxes were coming out to forage.  I packed up, and hurried back to the ferry terminal.  I got there just in time to catch the ferry home.  I stood on the stern, hair blowing in the wind, watching the the sparkling city lights recede, and the Flying Foxes over head.  It was a wonderful couple of hours!


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