Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sketching the Kookaburra Queen paddle Steamer at Eagle Street Pier with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers

The Kookaburra River Queen Paddlewheelers are true icons of the Brisbane River.  The vessels were aptly named because the Kookaburra is a native Australian bird that is never seen to drink water – a prophecy that all boat owners would hope to emulate!

Millkraft Thompson Boatyards built Kookaburra Queen. She was the first wooden paddlewheeler built in Australia in the last century. Launched in 1986 and 1988 respectively, the Queens were crafted mainly from Queensland timbers, the 100 foot keels from ironbark, the sheathed hulls planked with oregon and spotted gum and the decks made from white beech.

After playing a major role in the popular World Expo 88, the vessels have become a part of Brisbane’s river scape for over 20 years. Both tourists and locals alike have been enjoying a unique view into the inner-city reaches of the Brisbane River.

It was a lovely day for sketching, not too hot.  Eight sketchers joined me.  Below are my sketches.


  1. You got some great sketches done. Must have been lovely having other join you for this :-)

    1. It really was a wonderful morning, lots of fun.. Thank you for your kind comments :)


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