Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sketching with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers in City Hall

King Georges Lion, one of two which "guard" the King George Square entrance to the Brisbane City Hall. They were initially on large sandstone plinths, as part of the George V memorial, which was unveiled in 1938, as a tribute to the King from the citizens of Brisbane.
Vehicular traffic, including a trolley-bus route, operated through the square until 1969, when the roadway was closed to traffic. Buildings on the northern side of the square were acquired by the City Council and demolished and work commenced on the construction of the underground King George Square Car Park. At the time of the construction, the statues, including that of King George V and the brass lions, were relocated to their present positions in the square and, between the statues and King George Square.

Museum of Brisbane is house on the third floor of City Hall. The exhibits are free, and they are really good. At present the have Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood

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