Saturday, April 9, 2016

Looking across the famous Kangaroo Point Cliff to the Brisbane CBD

It was a beautiful day today, up on the cliffs.  Quite hot for Autumn though, still wearing very light summer clothes.
I had a super vantage point for my "Tower of Power sketch today.  I could see the Wheel of Brisbane, Stefans Sky needle, Parliament House, and in the background Mount Coot-tha and the icon television towers.  I think I'll turn this sketch into a painting.

This sketch, I drew looking through the fence to St Marys Anglican Church.  It is a beautiful old church and was  built in 1873 by Alfred Grant to a design by diocesan architect Richard G Suter. It replaced a timber structure built in 1849 on land closer to the river.


Can you spot all the landmarks I mentioned up there?

I was sitting in the Cliff Park, being eaten by ants, but was too excited to get this sketch done to move.


  1. It's always lovely to see your sketches and the places in your area :-)

    1. Thank you Ann, that is very kind of you :)


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