Friday, July 15, 2016

South Brisbane Cemetery

The South Brisbane Cemetery is a heritage-listed cemetery.  The cemetery was established in 1866 and remained in active use until the 1960s, after which its use has been limited by lack of space for new graves. By the early 1960s, the cemetery was effectively full and the cemetery was closed. However, as with most closed cemeteries, additional burials and interment of ashes in existing family graves continued to occur. Some additional plots were released in the cemetery in the 1990s. The first person buried in the cemetery was Jane Hockings in July 1870.
 My first sketch of the morning was more than a delight.  This Butcher Bird sat on the headstone serenading me the whole time I sketched.
He flew off when I was about to take the photo.  Guess he was shy.

I got to use my Holbein double ended brush today that my friend Lisa gifted to me.

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